The Bethlehem Fair
September 9th, 10th, and 11th

About Us

The Bethlehem Fair Society was established in 1924. It is the purpose of this organization to strive to provide agricultural education, improve agriculture and rural living by holding an annual agricultural fair at the Bethlehem Fairgrounds, and by offering premiums for competitive displays of farm and home products. The annual fair always takes place the weekend after Labor Day.  We strive to bring educational exhibits, seminars and clinics, to help make the public more aware of  the importance of local farming, ecology, and resource management. Every year, proceeds from the fair are used to sponsor several scholarships to local students. The Bethlehem Fair Society dues are $5 per year.   Active members will be invited to the annual dinner held on the first Saturday in March.  For additional information regarding the Bethlehem Fair Society or about becoming a member or volunteer, call 203-266-5350 or e-mail: