The Bethlehem Fair
September 9th, 10th, and 11th

Bethlehem Fair Rules and Regulations

It is the Policy of the Bethlehem Fair Society to accept lessees of all races and ethnic backgrounds. The Bethlehem Fair Society prides itself in providing the best variety, with as little duplication as possible, in order to provide both the vendors and our patrons with a mutually gratifying experience. The Bethlehem Fair Society, Inc. will designate a “Superintendent” who has authority over Lessees as outlined below.

  1. To guarantee a concessionaire space at the Fair, payment in full, forms, signatures pages and certificates of insurance must be received by August 19th. After August 19th, a late fee of $50 will be assessed and vendor space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis - NO EXCEPTIONS! No personal or business checks, only cash or money order will be accepted after August 19th- NO EXCEPTIONS! No concessionaires will be allowed to set up until all fees, forms, signatures and insurance commitments have been completed.
  2. Refund policy: Each situation will be reviewed by the Fair’s Concession Committee to see if a refund would be appropriate and at what percentage.
  3. All booths must be open and staffed all days of the fair during fair hours unless ordered closed by the Superintendent, or other jurisdictional authority. No booths may be closed or dismantled prior to 5:30 PM Sunday. No vehicle of any type, will be allowed to move about the grounds until 5:30 PM Sunday and amongst any pedestrians.
  4. The Fair is not responsible for your products; please secure your merchandise appropriately.
  5. The Superintendent, along with the President of The Bethlehem Fair Society, Inc. has the authority to close any booth that they feel is operated in such a way that it is unsafe, not contract compliant, has been ordered shut down by a jurisdictional authority, or not in the best interest of the Fair. In such case no moneys will be refunded.
  6. Tag sales are not allowed. No balloons, novelties, or other samples may be given away to the public unless such action is pre-approved by the Superintendent.
  7. The selling of raffle tickets will be allowed on a limited basis and only to 501c(3) organizations. Proof of 501c(3) status and a copy of the State of CT raffle permit must accompany the application. The Bethlehem Fair Society, Inc. must be notified of the winner(s) after the drawing. The number of organizations selling raffle tickets will be limited by the Superintendent and your application could be denied.
  8. The use of amplifiers, stereos, or any other noise devices shall not be allowed without prior approval from the Superintendent. Wireless microphones not allowed.
  9. No animals are allowed in the public areas of the fair grounds at any time. Service animals will be allowed on the fairgrounds only by those with a need for those specialized animals, and only if proper rabies vaccination documents are provided. Please pre-register by writing in on top of application.
  10. The Lessee is responsible for cleaning the area for ten (10) feet around his booth, or display area, of all paper or other debris.
  11. No use, sale, or possession of any products containing cannabis allowed on the fairgrounds. CBD products may be sold by registered vendors only. Products must contain less than 0.3% THC as defined by CT state statutes. No ingestible or inhalable products to be sold on the fairgrounds.
  12. Any and all rubbish or waste generated within a booth’s course of business must be removed to one of the large roll off dumpsters, located throughout the fair grounds. Rubbish barrels, which are located in the public traffic areas, are for the use of the general public at large only. Boxes, cans, paper and other garbage which is generated in your booth or in the midway, will not be removed by the night clean-up crew, but rather replaced back into your booth area. Recyclable waste (cans, cardboard, etc.) must be separated and deposited in bins supplied for that purpose. An assessment fee of $50.00 will be charged for cleanup of any vendor not complying. Lessees are responsible for the recovery and removal of all waste cooking oil, including storage containers.
  13. No pamphlets, leaflets, or paraphernalia shall be distributed anywhere on the fair property. Handouts are allowed to be given out within the individual booths. All business contracted for by the concessionaire must be conducted from within their rental area. All inside and outside concessionaires must stay within their allocated space. This includes tents, tables, exhibits, etc. No concessionaires are allowed in the aisle or walk ways. No business will be allowed to be conducted by people roving the fair grounds unless permission is given by the Superintendent.
  14. All Fair business pertaining to concessions shall be conducted with the Superintendent, or their designee. The Superintendent reserves the right to place concession booths at his or her sole discretion. The Superintendent shall determine where concessionaires shall be allowed to park their vehicles, trailers, equipment, etc. either infield or in designated locations.
  15. No vehicles will be allowed access to the midway during fair hours. All vehicles must be off the fairgrounds concession areas no later than 4:00 PM Friday, and 7:30 AM Saturday and Sunday mornings. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the fairgrounds concession areas 15 minutes prior to these times. Any concessionaire needing to replenish the stock in his booth during fair hours needs to store such stock in his area, or will be required to carry the stock to his booth without using a motor vehicle. No vehicle of any type will be allowed to move about the fairgrounds concession areas until 10:30 PM Friday, 10:30 PM Saturday, and 5:30 PM Sunday. All concessionaires will use the fairgrounds South gate for set-up and restocking purposes and general parking during Fair hours.
  16. The Bethlehem Fair Society Inc. will not be responsible in any way for any loss, or damage that may occur. The Bethlehem Fair Society Inc. will make every effort to provide reliable power, however, it is mutually agreed that they will in no way be held responsible for power outages that may occur.
  17. Any and all other rules listed in the fair premium book or the Lessee’s contract for the current year, apply and will be adhered to by all parties concerned.
  18. It is entirely the responsibility of the Lessee to comply with all State, Town and Local ordinances, rules, regulations and codes as well as all taxes, permits, fees, or levies.
  19. No digging of any kind allowed, with the exception of burying power cords as necessary for safety. All exhibits must be set up on top of the ground, and the ground must be left in the same condition as found. No stone, blocks, sawdust, chips, etc. may be left in your rental area.
  20. The sale of explosives, not limited to but including "snaps" and smoke bombs, stink bombs, silly string, fake cigarettes / cigars, and other nuisance novelty items is prohibited. The Superintendent reserves the right to have items removed from sale at their discretion.
  21. You are responsible for moving your own supplies/products. No COD deliveries accepted at the Fair office.